Latest from Lockdown

This has been a crazy period of time for all of us in different ways. For the latest from St. Joseph’s and to stay connected with us during this time, please keep in touch through the Facebook page and community group. We have also created a number of short Thought for the Day videos which can be found on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel. We hope these are useful to you at the moment. Please do get in touch if you’re struggling or you’d just like to talk more.


Lent starts tomorrow! You don’t need to do it. You don’t get extra credit or brownie points from the big guy. BUT…the next 40 days (plus Sundays) gives you an OPPORTUNITY. Perhaps there’s something you could REMOVE for a bit which would help you have a bit more head space to engage with God. Perhaps there’s something you could PICK UP for a bit which could form the start of a new chapter in your life. Lent isn’t a chore, but it is an OPPORTUNITY.


We’re back at the school this Sunday, and more news on that to follow, but wanted to get this date in your heads and your diaries first. Our next evening to hang out together, go a bit DEEPER than we get to on a Sunday morning is on the 23RD FEB at 7.30PM. A great friend from Leicester called Pete Greaves is coming to speak to us and he’s just awesome. Plus we’re going to hang out a bit more with God too. He’s awesome-er. Seriously get it in the diary. Can’t wait! 🙌